Professional Development
for CIPD Members

More and more people are looking to mentoring to develop themselves and progress their career.  Mentoring is a relationship based approach that benefits the mentor and the mentee and, in the words of David Clutterbuck, “everyone needs a mentor.”

Through this mentoring service, CIPD West Yorkshire members can use their expertise and experience to develop themselves and others .  It relies on members volunteering their time to help others.  It is one of the most rewarding ways of enhancing personal and professional development.

Mentoring is a rewarding experience for the Mentor as well as the Mentee, both personally and professionally. Mentoring promotes the development of new skills, thinking and approaches and supports career progression.

Here is what Mandisa, one of our Mentees said about their experience:

For any questions about registering as a Mentor or Mentee, please email

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