This page is here to support you in your role as a mentor.  Please read through the mentor guide below. It has been written to help you on your mentor journey.  On this page you will also find additional resources, including forms to support your work with mentors and exclusive mentor development that the CIPD has made available.  

The branch will also organise regular events for mentors to develop skills and to offer support.

When you are ready to find a mentee click the button below. You will see a list of members looking for a mentor. 

Mentor Guide

This guide has been created to support Mentors involved in the West Yorkshire CIPD Branch Mentoring Programme. It aims to be a simple yet effective set of resources to support those taking on the role of Mentor in the Mentoring relationship.

Mentoring Forms

These forms are to help you plan and review meetings with your mentee and to set out any actions you agree.  The most important document is the agreement.  This is the framework and guidelines, you and your mentee agree to work within.  The forms are for your personal use and are not required by the Branch.   

Development Resources

The CIPD has broadcast a number of webinars and events to support mentors.  We will add more resources when they become available.  If there is a topic you would like covered, please let us know.  The CIPD asks that these resources are used solely for your personal development.